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Navigating Our Way: Respecting and Supporting All Pathways to Success

As Seymour and Sylvie grow up, they learn about and opt for two different pathways through learning and life. Neither path is better –...

Everyone has a seat at the Reaching Higher NH table

Conversation among strangers. Each brings with them different viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds. All bring respect for the human condition. They gather around the table...

What do the 1950’s Air Force and some school classrooms have in common?

In the 1950’s, the Air Force realized performance results for pilots were improved when they stopped designing for "average" but made jet cockpits adjustable....

Students are thriving in this NH school thanks to a new approach

"Students at Parker Varney Elementary School are thriving with this innovative model of learning", says Principal Amy Allen. Competency-based education has transformed the classroom...

Public education changes many lives. Hear how it shaped this teacher’s future and aspirations.

In Pursuit of Liberty offers a timely reminder of who we are -- as educators, as citizens, and as the latest generation of Americans tasked...

NH school once in crisis, now a national model for student-centered learning

Pittsfield Middle High School has undergone a significant transformation over the past several years. Facing a 40% reduction in enrollment, reduced funding, and low...

Sanborn Regional School district tells the state board about their PACE experience

Three school leaders and a parent from the Sanborn Regional School Districts spoke about their participation in New Hampshire's Performance Assessment for Competency Education (PACE) initiative...

State Board hears from Pam Wicks, Concord School Board, about her son’s PACE experience:

There is a positive change happening in our classrooms; we’re seeing students engaged in meaningful learning, giving all students a greater opportunity to reach their potential. I believe that PACE, along with competency based education, will help our students gain 21st century skills, that will guide them on their path to life after high school.

Empowering students to become active participants in their education

One of the pillars of student centered learning is encouraging students to "own" their learning goals, meaning that they become active participants in their...

Londonderry: One district's efforts to reach all its students

It's easy to underestimate what goes on in our schools every day.  You can see some of what the Londonderry School District is doing...

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