About Us

Who We Are

Reaching Higher NH’s mission is to provide all New Hampshire children with the opportunity to prepare for college, for immediate careers, and for the challenges and opportunities of life in 21st century NH, by serving as a public education policy and community engagement resource for New Hampshire families, educators, and elected officials. We have a long-term vision of NH, in which Granite Staters share a deeply-held conviction that public education is one of our state’s most precious assets, and all our public schools are strongly supported by their surrounding communities, thriving with the benefit of committed local and state support for achieving great student outcomes. Those schools place students at the center, fully embracing personalized, competency-based education, deeper learning, meaningful college and career pathways, and high standards for all with equity in access and outcomes, and maintain the professional development and respect for educators necessary to foster rich and trusting school cultures.

What We Do


We keep Granite Staters up to date on the latest policy developments and important issues affecting education, empowering individuals and communities to make well-informed decisions.


We provide context and reliable data to help people better understand policy and legislation that impacts NH public education. Our straightforward, fact-based briefs, webinars, and other resources include background information, key takeaways, and questions to consider, so that all Granite Staters can thoughtfully consider and engage in education policy initiatives in our state.


We connect people through partnerships, coalition building, storytelling, and more, in support of policies and practices that strengthen public education and improve educational outcomes for all NH students. We work with a diversity of stakeholders to build capacity, raise public awareness, and support innovation and student-centered learning.