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Reaching Higher's research and analyses are regularly cited in the news, and we provide briefings and interviews to members of the media. Below are some recent articles that feature our work or insights.

Manchester Ink Link - February 17, 2024

NH Dept. of Ed moves forward with its own revisions to state minimum education standards

Seacoast Online - February 10, 2024

NH House passes ‘education freedom accounts’ expansion: What it means

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript - February 9, 2024

New Hampshire House votes to expand state education voucher program

New Hampshire Bulletin -February 8, 2024

House passes ‘education freedom accounts’ expansion bill, sends it to Senate

Boston Globe - February 8, 2024

N.H. House votes to expand Education Freedom Account program

Lawmakers pass bipartisan budget that boosts public school funding, creates teacher retention program
The Union Leader - February 8, 2024

NH House narrowly OKs EFA expansion

InDepthNH - February 8, 2024

Expansion of EFA Program Approved But Universal Eligibility Killed

NH Business Review - February 5, 2024

House lawmakers deadlock on EFAs, bid to increase school funding

InDepthNH - February 3, 2024

It’s Education Freedom Account Week in the House

Seacoast Online - February 2, 2024

NH House Republicans recommend extending education freedom accounts to all

New Hampshire Bulletin - January 31, 2024

House Republicans recommend extending education freedom accounts to all

Photo by ReDunnLev, New Hampshire State House.
Nashua Telegraph - January 8, 2024

Education Freedom Account Expansion Could Cost Up to $82 million

The Granite Post - December 6, 2023

New Hampshire teachers are quitting due to pay, politics, safety

selective focus photography of bookshelf with books
Boston Globe- November 20, 2023

N.H. school funding and education tax scheme found unconstitutional

Photo Credit Jimmy Emerson, DVM, Merrimack County Superior Courthouse