Londonderry: One district's efforts to reach all its students

It’s easy to underestimate what goes on in our schools every day.  You can see some of what the Londonderry School District is doing from this video of New Hampshire Education Commissioner Dr. Virginia Barry’s recent visit with Londonderry teachers.  View the whole video below or jump to a topic:

  • Londonderry led the way in advocating for using the SAT as the annual state assessment in the 11th grade (0:12).
  • Londonderry’s “Futures Lab” to help student consider their college and career options after graduation (0:32).
  • What about students who may not plan to go to college (2:03)?
  • Help from business leaders (3:01).
  • How Londonderry teachers collaborate to fit the plans to students’ needs (4:17)?
  • What is a flipped classroom (5:53)?
  • How do they use Google tools (10:03)?
  • How do students get individualized instruction (11:18)?