Everyone has a seat at the Reaching Higher NH table

Conversation among strangers. Each brings with them different viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds. All bring respect for the human condition. They gather around the table to discuss a topic that will impact us all – EDUCATION. May the New Year bring more conversations like the one you will see in the video below 180: Dinner. We believe everyone has a seat at the Reaching Higher NH table, and we encourage you to have a similar conversation with your family, friends, neighbors, and community members. Happy holidays to you and yours!

180: Dinner is a 180 production co-produced by Rob English and Sam Chaltain.

The Invitation: Host a Dinner

Whether you gather with family or a group of strangers, consider sharing a meal and a story as 2017 ends — or perhaps as a way to ring in the New Year. You can hold a Jeffersonian dinner (the model that inspired this video) or you can freestyle and do it in a way that works best for your group.

Here’s a few questions that might get your conversation started:

  • When and where did you learn best?

  • Who is the teacher in your life that had the greatest impact, and what was it that made that person so influential?

  • How did the environment you grew up in shape the way you see and make sense of the world?

  • When you imagine a better future for our country, what do you hope our schools will start, stop and keep doing?

What did you talk about? What did you learn? Share your story with us at stories@reachinghighernh.org!