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Governor calls for school to start after Labor Day

Governor Chris Sununu said that waiting until after Labor Day to open the state's schools could benefit the state in many ways, according to WMUR: Gov....

Policy Brief: SB 8 & Implications for NH Public Education

Senate Bill (SB) 8 was signed into law by Governor Sununu on June 29th, 2017 with an effective date of August 28, 2017. SB 8,...

Run for Budget Committee

Are you passionate about serving your community, analyzing data, and keeping voters informed? If so, you may be a good candidate for budget committee. Municipal...

UNH physicist: “Edelblut fundamentally misunderstands how to train scientists” | MyTurn Concord Monitor

UNH physicist David Mattingly explains why practicing science, as the NGSS requires, is the best way to learn the material and become a problem solver.

Make Private School Free or Die: The Fight Over Education Savings Accounts in New...

"The 74", a national web site that covers education from a conservative viewpoint, reported on SB 193.  Here are some excerpts: Soon may prevail...

Concord Monitor: Voucher bill probably to be retained over the summer and state employees...

The Monitor provides background on the lack of sufficient Republican support for the ambitious voucher bill and reports that the State Employee Association has weighed in heavily against Commissioner Edelblut's proposed reorganization plan.

Governor Sununu on SB 193: I have concerns about putting public funds towards non-public...

On NHPR's The Exchange this morning, Josh Rogers ran a clip of a  statement given by Governor Sununu on SB 193. The bill would create...

State Board rejects DOE proposal to review many academic standards immediately

At the April 6th meeting of the New Hampshire State Board of Education, The department of education proposed that the board agree to review six major academic standards over the next year. The State Board of Education rejected the proposal, telling the department to return with a full plan, including timeline and budget, to review English and math standards.

“No science standards review” says State Board in clear and unambiguous resolution

At its April 6, 2017 meeting, the State Board of Education directed the department not to undertake a review of the New Hampshire College and Career Ready Science Standards. Here are the board discussions and the final resolution, passed unanimously by the board.

State Board disagrees with the new commissioner’s proposed assessment change

The New Hampshire Department of Education has issued an RFP for a statewide assessment. The State Board of Education wanted to know why this happened so quickly with no notice or input from the field, especially when the ELA and math standards could be reviewed at the same time.

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