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Concord Monitor: State board, Education Commissioner clash on science standards

The Concord Monitor gives says that, although commissioner Edelblut testified that he was "the implementation guy," he wanted to review the science standards without SBOE authority. The board stated clearly that there would be no review.

Webinar Recording: NH Public Education Funding A-Z

Education is one of the largest line items in the New Hampshire state budget. It's often a large line item in local town budgets...

Run for School Board

Turn your passion for community leadership, children, and education into action by serving on your local school board. School boards play a significant role in...

New Hampshire leads the way in teaching students 21st Century skills

New Hampshire schools have become a model for learning that is rigorous, personalized, and meaningful, giving them the tools to succeed in 21st century life.

Seacoast schools aim to meet the needs of diverse populations

Portsmouth and Dover schools are stepping up to support new students who speak little English.

Education funding challenges continue throughout New Hampshire: Kearsarge

The Concord Monitor published a "My Turn" piece by Wilmot selectman former state representative Tom Shamberg reflecting budget anguish in Kearsarge Regional School District (which...

Implementing competency-based learning the New Hampshire way

Education Next featured an in-depth report on competency-based education in New Hampshire and how the state is leading the nation in innovative educational models....

First year PACE results are in: what do they mean for the future of...

The Department of Education recently released the results of the first Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE) program. It was piloted in four districts...

Nashua student: grades should represent learning

The new grading scale emphasizes student growth and learning rather than how well they meet individual teacher expectations.

PACE works to get the most out of student assessments without overtesting

States are trying to find the balance between quality and quantity in student testing, but New Hampshire is already pointing the way forward: the PACE pilot project.