Governor calls for school to start after Labor Day

Governor Chris Sununu said that waiting until after Labor Day to open the state’s schools could benefit the state in many ways, according to WMUR:

Gov. Chris Sununu said the delay would benefit the state in more ways than one. A summer break that extends past the holiday would benefit the tourism industry, agriculture and quality of life for families, the governor said.

“It affects the workforce. It affects tourism. It affects agriculture,” Sununu said. “A lot of the farmers are harvesting their crops, and they need their workforce out there.”

Sununu, who is a parent himself, said he has seen overwhelming support for the idea, and the next step is for a legislator to file a bill.

“When the state gets involved in something like this, you always have the issue of infringing on local control, and we have to be cognizant of that,” Sununu said.

Some educators said they believe the change would be good for New Hampshire, but Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut noted that it’s something schools already can do on their own.

“We do have in statute a 180-day requirement or, depending on the grade level, up to 945 hours or 990 hours, and the schools can find whatever schedule they want in order to implement that,” Edelblut said.

Source: Governor calls for school to start after Labor Day | WMUR