N.H. Students Will Face New Standardized Test Next Spring

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

Next spring, New Hampshire students will be taking a new statewide assessment to replace the Smarter Balanced Assessment, reported NHPR:

Now, with the help of an assessment company, the state is crafting its own test, the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System, or SAS.

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut says the new system will be more tailored to New Hampshire and it will take significantly less time for students to complete.

“You know this assessment is what governing is supposed to be like. Meaning, we came up with a solution that everybody can be happy with. Because typically the assessment tends to be a controversial contract in the state, and this one is not.”

Edelblut says the new testing system will allow for comparisons with test results under the old system. But a spokesperson for Smarter Balanced says they would not expect a test from another system to be comparable.

Source: N.H. Students Will Face New Standardized Test Next Spring | NHPR