NH Dept. of Ed unveils draft plan to comply with new federal education law

The New Hampshire Department of Education released its draft plan to comply with the federal education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), according to...

NG2 program trades the status quo for flexible, responsive learning pathways

California-based education technology organization EdSurge featured a piece on New Hampshire's pilot "No Grades, No Grades" (NG2) program in 7 of the state's elementary schools. With...

Study finds performance assessments show gains for students with disabilities

The Concord Monitor ran a piece on UNH researcher Carla Evans's findings on PACE. She found promising results for students with disabilities. Here's an excerpt: PACE, or...

Sanborn Regional School district tells the state board about their PACE experience

Three school leaders and a parent from the Sanborn Regional School Districts spoke about their participation in New Hampshire's Performance Assessment for Competency Education (PACE) initiative...

State Board hears from Pam Wicks, Concord School Board, about her son’s PACE experience:

There is a positive change happening in our classrooms; we’re seeing students engaged in meaningful learning, giving all students a greater opportunity to reach their potential. I believe that PACE, along with competency based education, will help our students gain 21st century skills, that will guide them on their path to life after high school.

Sanborn Regional School district tells the state board about their PACE experience

Sanborn Regional is one of the original PACE school districts. Three school leaders and a parent attended the April 6, 2017 state board meeting to talk briefly during public comments about the impact of PACE on their students. There's a short video of their presentation.

State Board disagrees with the new commissioner’s proposed assessment change

The New Hampshire Department of Education has issued an RFP for a statewide assessment. The State Board of Education wanted to know why this happened so quickly with no notice or input from the field, especially when the ELA and math standards could be reviewed at the same time.

Commissioner Edelblut’s concerns about Smarter Balanced

At the April 6, 2017 State Board of Education meeting, commissioner Edelblut said that schools did not receive Smarter Balanced data until the following school year and that Smarter Balanced did not have longitudinal data. We discuss these concerns in greater detail here.

Achievement gap study: PACE special education students do as well as other students in...

UNH doctoral candidate Carla Evans looks at whether competency education improves academic achievement for special education students. She finds dramatic results: PACE students with IEPs do about as well in 8th grade math as those without IEPs.

State board hears about PACE from Concord school leader Donna Palley: We can see...

Assistant superintendent Donna Palley tells the New Hampshire State Board of Education about Concord's experience with PACE, "You only have to look at the student work to get it. Watch a group of very satisfied teachers sitting around a table looking at one after the other of their students' work. Listen to students talk about their learning and you’ll hear some impressive student voices."

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