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Schools receive additional $11 million in state funding for full-day kindergarten

Districts across the state will receive an additional $11 million in additional state funding for full-day kindergarten as a result of the 2017 "Keno-garten"...

Parental engagement & personalized learning can help bridge achievement gap between rich & poor...

According to an analysis by the New Hampshire Department of Education, school districts that spend the most money per pupil typically get the best...
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Keno-garten funding hasn’t moved the needle for full-day programs in these communities

Last year, the state legalized Keno to increase funding for full-day kindergarten programs in a bill referred to as "Keno-garten." In previous years, districts would...

Governor Sununu: Building a 21st century education system

Governor Chris Sununu underscored the importance of early childhood education and a 21st century education system in an article for Seacoast Online over the...

Business leaders champion full-day kindergarten

The lead Nashua Telegraph editorial on May 3 said, "When business speaks, government should listen" about support for funding full day kindergarten. And on May 4, the House passed SB 191, amended to provide full funding for all day kindergarten.

Sens. David Watters and Jeb Bradley: Young NH students need full-day kindergarten

Today's Union Leader featured Sens. David Watters (D, Dover) and Jeb Bradley (R, Wolfboro) advocating for full day kindergarten: IT IS A BREATH OF FRESH...

On full day kindergarten: “Not every good thing must be provided by government”

The lead editorial in today's Union Leader said, The Senate Finance Committee will hold public hearings this week on the state’s two-year budget...... Sens. David Watters...

NH House Education Committee recommends fully funding kindergarten at $14 million-a-year | WMUR

WMUR reports that the New Hampshire House Education Committee voted 15-4 to fully support full day kindergarten, adding $5 million per year to the governor's original proposal

House panel votes for full-day kindergarten | Union Leader

The Union Leader reported that New Hampshire House Education Committee voted in support of SB 191, full day kindergarten. Now the bill goes to the full House and then to House Finance
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NH legislators debate full-day kindergarten funding

Since HB 155--the bill that funds full-day kindergarten--was introduced this session, legislators from both chambers have spoken out regarding full-day kindergarten programs. Senator David Watters (D-Dist....

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