House panel votes for full-day kindergarten | Union Leader

Dan Tuohy reports in the Union Leader,

The House Education Committee passed a bill today to fund full-day kindergarten statewide, by adjusting the adequacy grant formula for students in each district.

The legislation is a rework of an original bill. It is not the Senate-passed version that represents Gov. Chris Sununu’s proposed $9 million plan to target aid.

As such, it represents a $14.5 million increase in overall adequate education grants in fiscal year 2018. The governor offered his support.

“Today’s actions are a significant step forward for New Hampshire,” Sununu said. “Full-day kindergarten is good for children, families, and a critical tool in retaining our workforce.”

The bill will go to the House floor for a vote, before being referred to the House Finance Committee for review.

As amended Tuesday, the bill counts kindergarten students in a school district’s average daily membership in attendance….

“Kindergarten is more now than just an academic or a play program,” Wolf said after the vote. “Mayor (Ted) Gatsas spoke very passionately to the opioid epidemic and the problem that’s having with children born to mothers who are addicted.”…

Rep. James Grenier, R-Lempster, a co-sponsor of the bill, said it makes sense for kindergarten to be funded in the same manner as other students, via the adequacy formula based on average daily membership.

“I’m pleased because it will be consistent,” he said. “It’s not pick or choose.”

Source: House panel votes for full-day kindergarten | New Hampshire