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At Hinsdale’s Exhibition Day, real-world learning is on display

Hinsdale High School recently held their Exhibition Day, where students presented on the real-world learning experiences they had through their Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs)....

Massachusetts education advocate looks to NH as a model for meaningful assessment

Education advocate Lisa Guisbond used New Hampshire's performance assessment model, PACE, when advocating for more meaningful measures of student and school progress. From the...

Deeper Learning: What We Know So Far

What is deeper learning? How can it help students become engaged in their own learning and development? Getting Smart featured an overview, including research...

New Hampshire leads the way in teaching students 21st Century skills

New Hampshire schools have become a model for learning that is rigorous, personalized, and meaningful, giving them the tools to succeed in 21st century life.

Don’t lose sight of the true purpose of classroom tech tools

Using technology shouldn't pull focus away from the real goal of class time: deeper learning.

Building writing skills by giving students more and better feedback

What's the best way to improve student writing and literacy skills? Most educators would say practice. Encouraging students to write in a variety of...

The 6 Competencies of Deeper Learning

Deeper learning gives students the tools to master academic content and apply the skills and knowledge to real-world situations. Moving from common standardized exams...

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