Don’t lose sight of the true purpose of classroom tech tools

Classrooms across the state and country are using technology to engage students, but an article featured in MindShift warns against technology for technology’s sake. Computers, tablets, apps, and other tech products can successfully be integrated into curriculum to get the most out of learning time, but teachers mustn’t lose sight of the real goal–deeper learning:

It is so important to look beyond mere student engagement when it comes to technology. If the emphasis is on digital learning, we must not get caught up in the bells and whistles or smoke and mirrors that are commonly associated with the digital aspect alone. Engagement should always translate into deeper learning opportunities where technology provides students the means to think critically and solve problems while demonstrating what they know and can do in a variety of ways. Technology should be implemented to increase engagement, but that engagement must lead to support, enhancement, or an increase in student learning… With technology there should be a focus on active learning where students are doing.

Classrooms across New Hampshire are using technology in great and innovative ways that work best for their students. It can add real dimension, from allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere or by tailoring lessons to students’ individual interests. But it’s important to remember the purpose behind tech tools: deeper learning.

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