Policy Brief: Teacher Salary Schedules in New Hampshire

These policy briefs explore variations in salaries across New Hampshire, focusing exclusively on salary step schedule data for NH-certified teachers with Bachelor’s degrees, and NH-certified teachers with Master’s degrees

In the 2019 school year, the average salary for all New Hampshire public school* teachers was $59,198, compared to the state’s mean income of $53,950 (NH Department of Education, 2020; NH Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019). In most districts, teacher salaries are determined by a “step schedule,” or a set amount based on level of education and years of teaching experience.

Both of these briefs include district-level salary data on variations in first- and fifth-year teacher salaries, for teachers with a Bachelor’s degree, and teachers with a Master’s degree. They also explore step-to-step increases in pay and geographical variations in teacher salary.

District-Level Salaries for Teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree
District-Level Salaries for Teachers with a Master’s Degree

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