Webinar Recording: NH Public Education Funding A-Z

Education is one of the largest line items in the New Hampshire state budget. It’s often a large line item in local town budgets as well. Getting a thorough understanding of how funding works is important for all citizens — especially during budget and local election season.

Check out the webinar below for a presentation and Q&A on NH Public Education Funding. Caitlin Davis from the Department of Education joined our in-house policy wonk, Dan Vallone, to break it down.

What’s covered:

  1. Overview of state education funding
  2. Adequacy—the definition, formula, and changes over time
  3. The mechanics of how the adequacy formula and funding process work in practice (i.e., how funds and information flow between localities and the state)
  4. The major court cases and legislative decisions that have impacted adequacy funding over the past few decades
  5. Major education items in Governor Sununu’s budget proposal

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