National PTA: Equitable, high-quality public education is critical to our children

The National PTA (Parent Teacher Association) released a statement regarding school choice and public education. There are over 20,000 PTA chapters, including more than 40 in New Hampshire. Here is an excerpt:

National PTA supports educational choices within public schools to meet the needs of all students and believes parents and families should be involved in all aspects of public school choice plans. However, there is a difference between public school choice programs and the use of taxpayer dollars for private school voucher programs.

“National PTA opposes any private school choice system—tax credits, vouchers or deductions—that would drain public school resources. Equitable, high-quality public education for all students is critical to children and the nation’s long-term success,” said Laura Bay, president of National PTA. “Our association has long advocated for high-quality public education. Taxpayer dollars for education must carry the responsibility for providing public access, governance and accountability. National PTA believes public dollars must remain invested in public schools for the benefit of all students. Public education is a vital investment in our children, families and communities that will improve our nation’s economic competitiveness.”

…As has long been a top priority, National PTA remains committed to advocating for investments in programs that promote educational equity and opportunity for all children. The association also continues to call for dedicated funding for family engagement in education.

The New Hampshire Senate passed several school choice bills last week: SB 193, which creates “education freedom savings accounts” for students and SB 8, also known as the “Croydon bill,” that allows districts to send students to schools of their choice –even if they’re private.

The PTA is a nonprofit association that advocates for public education, children, and families. Read the full press release here.

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