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State Board hears from Pam Wicks, Concord School Board, about her son’s PACE experience:

There is a positive change happening in our classrooms; we’re seeing students engaged in meaningful learning, giving all students a greater opportunity to reach their potential. I believe that PACE, along with competency based education, will help our students gain 21st century skills, that will guide them on their path to life after high school.

Kensington mother: Education bill raises concerns

Kensington mother Jacquelyn Benson wrote this letter to the editor, featured in Seacoast Online: To the Editor: Earlier this week, the New Hampshire Senate passed SB 193,...

National PTA: Equitable, high-quality public education is critical to our children

The National PTA (Parent Teacher Association) released a statement regarding school choice and public education. There are over 20,000 PTA chapters, including more than 40 in...

Guest blogger, Pam Wicks, on why she ran for Concord school board

In June of 2011, my husband, 3 boys, and I relocated to Concord, NH just in time for our oldest son to start Kindergarten....

Concord mom: full-day kindergarten could help attract and retain residents

Interested in the community's support for full-day kindergarten, Concord mom Maria Lucia Natkiel took measures into her own hands: she created her own survey...

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