Jack Heath hosts board co-chairs Alan Reische and Tom Rath on NH Today radio show

Board co-chairs Alan Reische and Tom Rath were on the WGIR’s NH Today Show with Jack Heath this morning (here’s the link) talking about the importance of New Hampshire’s public schools and the purpose of Reaching Higher NH. Here are a few highlights:

Alan Reische, attorney with Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green

I have very fond memories of marvelous teachers I’ve had over my lifetime. Many of them colored outside the lines, if you will, exploring new avenues and forcing me to do some independent thinking. And that’s why I want to support this effort – to equip parents with the tools they need to assess the education their children are getting and whether they are being prepared for the world they face…..

What we’re all about is to provide the local school boards and the teachers with the tools they need to assess whether the education they are giving the children is sufficient for them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Tom Rath, attorney, Rath Young Pignatelli

I’m a public school kid. My kids are public school kids. I believe strongly in public higher education. It’s one of the great things that we as a society do. It’s a remarkable thing in terms of assimilating people into our culture and creating new leaders.

How do we assess what’s being done? Are we getting what we need out of our schools? And more importantly, what are the students getting?

What we want to do is make sure parents and folks who are most directly influenced by our schools have reliable information with which to make judgements. And I’m going to encourage people to get involved, to run for school board, be part of PTAs and PTOs and to interact with our schools.

I want to see total interaction between the schools and the parents and the community.