Granite State students score higher than national average on SAT

PACE Evaluations at Spaulding High School

The College Board released the score reports on the Class of 2015, and New Hampshire students scored 76 points higher than the national average. According to another College Board report, 51.3% of students who took the exam met the College Board’s College and Career Readiness benchmarks, which indicate that a student has a 65% likelihood of getting a B- or higher in his or her first year of college.

Nationally, scores dropped 7 points to 1490 and to the lowest score in the past decade, as reported by the Washington Post. But New Hampshire held steady, staying at 1566 in both 2014 and 2015–and the percentage of students taking the exam remained at 70% of students.

As the Washington Post reported, cross-state comparison of scores is difficult because some states require the exam of all students at some point in their high school career. New Hampshire does not require the SAT or ACT, but HB 323, which was signed into law this past legislative session, will enable the State to administer the SAT as the 11th grade statewide assessment next year.

Read the College Board’s full report on New Hampshire’s 2015 SAT scores here.