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Working toward a vision for community schools that work for all students

What can we learn from a decade in the life of two high schools in the same Oakland, CA neighborhood? In one, educators, parents,...
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Creating a school culture to help students overcome trauma and engage in learning

At Honey Run Academy in Paradise, California, many students have experienced traumatic events like substance misuse in the home, abuse, or homelessness. But educators...

Student Voices & Experiences

Student representatives join debate on Claremont’s school policy on electronic devices

Students are playing an active role in school policy at Stevens High School in Claremont. Two students who joined the school board earlier this...

Student Voice Summit brought together over 100 students and educators

Incorporating student voice has been on the radar of many New Hampshire schools over the past few years in an effort to improve school culture and...

Education Policy in New Hampshire

US DOE releases $10.3 million in Special Education funds

According to the New Hampshire Department of Education, schools will be receiving $10.3 million in unused funds for special education from the...

4 Things to Know about the “Drive to 65” Act

A bipartisan effort to move the state closer to college and career readiness goals passed the House on May 2, 2019 and...

Student-Centered Learning

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