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Spaulding High School students earn advanced manufacturing certificates through community partnership

A new partnership between Spaulding High School and Great Bay Community College will allow 13 Spaulding students to earn their Advanced Composites Manufacturing Certificate...
high school class interest in stem and science

Efforts to increase interest in STEM in high school could be too late

Offering more science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM) courses in high school doesn't increase the number of students' interest in those majors in college,...
apprenticeship nh

Event: Connecting Workforce Resources Spring Tour

The New Hampshire Sector Partnerships Initiative and Apprenticeship NH are hosting workshops to give HR professionals an opportunity to meet with six workforce programs...

Education, Business Leaders: Education is the key to addressing the state’s labor shortages

According to New Hampshire's schools, businesses, and leaders, education is the key to addressing the state's labor shortages. The Associated Press reported from a...

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