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NH Education Roundup, Nov. 2, 2020

In this issue of Reaching Higher NH’s Education News Brief: Manchester West High School students address the School Funding Commission; Reaching Higher raises questions...

VLACS funding model "one of the best in the nation"

New Hampshire's only online K-12 school, the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS), is revolutionizing online learning--and the method that states fund online learning....

NH’s online charter school moves to a competency-based learning model

NH's online charter school is shifting to a competency-based learning model, where students can demonstrate mastery of concepts in a variety of ways.

Blended Learning 101: How to implement blended learning models in your classroom

The Relay Graduate School of Education is offering a free online module on how teachers can implement blended learning concepts into their everyday teaching,...

"Blended learning" fuses technology and traditional classroom instruction to put students at the center...

When used correctly, technology can compliment classroom instruction in a way that helps students take control of their learning under the guidance of their teacher....

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