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Education Commissioner hopeful that PACE can create opportunities for deeper learning for all students

In this video for KnowledgeWorks and the Center for Assessment, Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut speaks to how PACE can help expand innovation and deeper...

Performance Assessments and Students with Disabilities

New Hampshire's Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE) program has become a national model for competency-based assessment and moving away from rigid, bubble sheet-style...

NG2 program trades the status quo for flexible, responsive learning pathways

California-based education technology organization EdSurge featured a piece on New Hampshire's pilot "No Grades, No Grades" (NG2) program in 7 of the state's elementary schools. With...

NH best in nation for K-12, according to U.S. News’ “Best States” rankings

New Hampshire is a great place to live. Number two overall, actually, according to US News and World Report's "Best States" rankings. But where New Hampshire...

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