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Capturing student learning and growth through competency and portfolio grading

As learning environments become more focused on group work to nurture high-demand skills--like collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving, one of the top concerns is how...

With this innovative strategy, math students focus on learning rather than their grade

Sixth-grade teacher Leah Alcala doesn't use the traditional grading strategy in her math class. Instead of giving grades immediately, she highlights students' mistakes, walks through...

NG2 program trades the status quo for flexible, responsive learning pathways

California-based education technology organization EdSurge featured a piece on New Hampshire's pilot "No Grades, No Grades" (NG2) program in 7 of the state's elementary schools. With...

Nashua student: grades should represent learning

The new grading scale emphasizes student growth and learning rather than how well they meet individual teacher expectations.