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Policy Brief: New Hampshire Education Tax Credit

New Hampshire started its Education Tax Credit Program in 2012. In the 2019 legislative session, there are three bills related to the program. In this...

Senate votes to send bill to expand tax credit scholarship program to Finance

The Senate voted to send a bill that would expand New Hampshire's Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program to the Finance Committee on April 26...

Tax credit expansion bill for private & home school scholarships moves through Senate

The Senate Education Committee held a hearing on HB 1686, a bill that would allow individuals to receive a tax credit for donations to...

Kate Baker: A scholarship offers hope and a new path

Children's Scholarship Fund Executive Director Kate Baker wrote a piece for the Union Leader about the Fund. Here's an excerpt: In a recent Children's Scholarship...

Education tax credit program had a 77% increase in donations last year

The Children's Scholarship Fund received over $385,000 in funds last year, according to NHPR. That's a 77% increase over the previous year.  The scholarship fund gives...

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