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Ask why: A four part series exploring traditional practices in education

We all make assumptions about the way learning in school is organized. When we pause to ask why, we can learn from students and...

New Hampshire’s testing pilot, PACE, gaining ground

The Concord Monitor featured a great piece on New Hampshire's Performance Assessment for Competency Education (PACE) program, which allows districts to come together to...

Study finds performance assessments show gains for students with disabilities

The Concord Monitor ran a piece on UNH researcher Carla Evans's findings on PACE. She found promising results for students with disabilities. Here's an excerpt: PACE, or...

Commitment to 21st century skills at Sanborn Regional School District makes national news

EdSurge has published a piece called How State Reform in New Hampshire Led to Teacher Autonomy that features the work being done in the Sanborn Regional...

VLACS funding model "one of the best in the nation"

New Hampshire's only online K-12 school, the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS), is revolutionizing online learning--and the method that states fund online learning....

Souhegan HS Teacher Jenny Deenik on PACE: Performance Assessment is a way for students...

Jenny Deenik, a biology teacher at Souhegan High School, reflects on her work with New Hampshire's pilot Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE) program...

The 3 essentials of competency-based learning: progression, opportunity, support

Competency-based learning could hold the key to helping students succeed by using their strengths to show what they know.

Pittsfield Middle High School’s journey to competency-based learning

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has put up a new web page about New Hampshire's approach to competency-based learning.  It features a...

Competency-based learning "the most honest, most ethical, and most responsive system"

Maine teachers are saying that the move to competency-based education is the most important work they've ever done.

Reflection and accountability at center of student-led conferences in Pittsfield

Pittsfield Middle High School uses student-led conferences to engage parents in students' self-reflection and goal setting.

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