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What do our students need to succeed in the world of work?

How can we prepare our children for life after graduation? What skills are the most important, and how can we foster them in students?...

Social and Emotional Learning at home and in the classroom

Teaching children how to recognize and understand their emotions, make decisions, and maintain relationships has immediate and lasting impacts on their mental health, academic...

Capturing student learning and growth through competency and portfolio grading

As learning environments become more focused on group work to nurture high-demand skills--like collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving, one of the top concerns is how...
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Work Study Practices help prepare students for the future

Non-academic skills, like critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication are being cited by employers as some of the most important skills that students need to...

Governor Sununu: Building a 21st century education system

Governor Chris Sununu underscored the importance of early childhood education and a 21st century education system in an article for Seacoast Online over the...

In NH, internships help students connect academic concepts to the real world

The Hechinger Report, a national education news site, is doing a series on New Hampshire's community-school partnerships and how internships help students connect what...

New Hampshire leads the way in teaching students 21st Century skills

New Hampshire schools have become a model for learning that is rigorous, personalized, and meaningful, giving them the tools to succeed in 21st century life.

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