Student Voice Summit brought together over 100 students and educators

Incorporating student voice has been on the radar of many New Hampshire schools over the past few years in an effort to improve school culture and educational outcomes. Research shows that when students feel engaged in school through choice, control, and collaboration, they do better academically and are more engaged in their learning.

Districts are giving students more say in decisions ranging from curriculum, to discipline, and more. Some districts even have students as members of their local school boards, assisting in decision making at the highest levels – decisions that impact their day to day experiences at school. In this featured video, students talk about the initiatives they’re working on in their schools.

But barriers remain: How can educators, administrators, and school boards incorporate student voice in meaningful ways? How can schools create a system where all students have a voice and not just a select few?

To answer these questions and more, NH Listens, the New Hampshire Institute for Civics Education, and Pittsfield Listens brought students and educators from all over the state together at the 2018 Student Voice Summit. Reaching Higher NH documented the event by producing an interactive web story that captured students sharing their personal experiences, discussions with educators, administrators and school board members about what supports are needed for students to have a meaningful impact within their schools, and how more opportunities could be created to improve student voice equity.

Check out the interactive web story below and let us know what you think about student voice initiatives in New Hampshire.

student voice summit 2018


What do YOU think?

Do you think students should have a voice in decision making at school? Are you or someone you know involved in any student voice initiatives at your school? Let us know!