Emotional intelligence among top skills employers are seeking

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Companies are frequently citing emotional intelligence as one of the top characteristics they are looking for in prospective employees. In fact, a 2011 survey found that 71% of hiring professionals said that they value emotional intelligence over IQ.

Emotional intelligence skill development is gaining ground in classrooms too. By incorporating projects and assignments that emphasize collaboration and building classroom environments that promote self-reflection and awareness, educators are cultivating a culture of learning that will prepare students for success in life and in the global marketplace. 

Fast Company published a list of the top reasons why emotionally intelligent candidates are in high demand. Here are a few:

1. They Can Handle Pressure Healthily

Dealing with workplace pressures and functioning well under stress demands an ability to manage our emotions. People with higher levels of emotional intelligence are more aware of their internal thermometer and therefore better able to manage their stress levels. They tend to have better-developed coping mechanisms and healthy support systems that keep working effectively even in tough situations. The increasing rate of change in the workplace is likely to increase work-related stress and boost the value of those who can manage it.

2. They Understand And Cooperate With Others

“People with highly developed emotional intelligence are less defensive and more open to feedback, especially when it involves areas of improvement.”

As teamwork becomes increasingly important in the workplace, people who are able to understand and get along with others will become ever more sought after. Highly emotionally intelligent people have well-developed people skills that let them build relationships with a diverse range of people across many cultures and backgrounds. That’s an asset in an increasingly globalized workplace.

3. They’re More Open To Feedback

Open, timely, and honest feedback is essential to job performance–especially at a time when annual performance reviews are in decline. People with highly developed emotional intelligence are less defensive and more open to feedback, especially when it involves areas of improvement. Their high level of self-regard lets them look positively at areas where they can do better, rather than taking feedback personally.

4. They Make More Thoughtful And Thorough Decisions

Because of their ability to see things clearly from another’s point of view, highly emotionally intelligent people are able to make better judgements about how their decisions will impact others. Not only does this result in better decision making overall, but it also helps manage damage control when certain decisions lead to negative consequences. Being able to judge the outcomes of their choices lets highly emotionally intelligent people behave more proactively.

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