EVENT: Help Your Children Explore Careers & Educational Opportunities

What opportunities are available to your child before graduation?

CKE Consulting, in partnership with AWATO, is hosting an event is for parents of middle and high school-aged children to help them explore careers and educational opportunities based on their interests, values, and inclinations. Whether students have their sights set on going to college or not, helping them explore potential career paths prior to graduation helps with course selection, internships, college selection, and knowing which opportunities to go after!

Find out more at the Careers & Cocktails informational event for parents on Thursday, March 15 from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Three Chimneys Inn, 17 Newmarket Road, Durham

Matt Guruge, creator of AWATO, will be there to explain the career resource he developed. We will also talk about other resources and the potential for a career exploration elective course during high school!

Awato, an online platform that automates quality academic and career counseling for colleges, took home the $50,000 first prize in the NH High Tech Council and Alpha Loft’s 2016 TechOut competition.

The online platform’s main feature is a series of dynamic assessments that learn and adapt to the user. “We want to next enter the college market to gather data and ultimately solve the happiness equation – to determines just how happy you’d be at a given job. We want to help everyone from high school students to retirees get jobs they love,” says Guruge.

Exploring Careers Through ELOs

Students across New Hampshire are exploring careers and preparing for college in a number of ways, including through Extended Learning Opportunities.

Extended Learning Opportunities, or ELOs, are credit-bearing learning experiences that happen outside of the traditional classroom. They provide limitless options to deeply explore fields of study and career paths that students are passionate about, including those that may not be available through their school curriculum, and may even provide an alternative pathway to fulfilling graduation requirements. Learn more about ELOs at Oyster River here.

For more information about the Careers and Cocktails event, contact Carolyn Karatzas Eastman at carolyn@ckeconsulting.net.