Executive Council confirms Phil Nazzaro to Board of Education

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The Executive Council confirmed Newmarket town councilman and former state Senate candidate Phil Nazzaro to the State Board of Education on February 7, according to Seacoast Online:

“Nazzaro previously served on the Newmarket Town Council where he said he aimed to be as non-partisan as possible. He said he often opted to “build bridges instead of burn them.” Aside from his municipal responsibilities, Nazzaro has worked with Teach for America and Bridge International Academies. Both groups work to make fair education affordable and accessible to students who otherwise would not have had access to resources as such.

‘I’ve always had a passion for education,’ Nazzaro said.

Nazzaro said all people have a passion, personal or professional, and he’s lucky enough that he can use his passion for education in both his professional and personal life. “It’ll become even more personal when I have a son who will be in the (public schools) system,” he added in reference to his infant son…

Nazzaro hopes to remain a strong independent voice on the board and to make education accessible to all regardless of socioeconomics. He said he plans to visit schools and speak with people who have knowledge and opinions on the inner workings of the education system. He will most frequently visit schools from District 3, of which he is a representative.”

As a Town Councilman in Newmarket, Nazzaro sponsored a resolution expanding the town’s nondiscrimination laws to gender identity and expression. During his Senate campaign, he advocated for prioritizing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in schools:

“New Hampshire can be a national leader when it comes to preparing our students for the technology-based economy that continues to grow each year, but that begins with creating a talent pipeline today. The better we plan, the better chance we have for a prosperous future.”

Source: Nazzaro appointed to the Board of Education | Seacoast Online