Somersworth School Board Chair wants board to be thinking about how legislation impacts their district

Somersworth School Board Chairman Don Austin added a discussion of SB 193, the statewide voucher bill, to the board’s first agenda of the year, according to Seacoast Online:

The board talked about SB193 Establishing Education Freedom Savings Accounts for Students, which has passed both the New Hampshire House and Senate.

Austin said he added it to the agenda because he wants the board to be thinking about important statewide issues.

“I don’t care what you call it,” Austin said. “A voucher that takes money away from public education is not in the best interest of public education.”

Austin said he feels one of the things the School Board can be better at is recognizing statewide issues that are important to Somersworth, taking a vote and taking a stand.

Source: School Board elects officers | Seacoast Online