US DOE approves NH’s state education plan

Image courtesy of the Illinois State Board of Education.

The United States Department of Education (US DOE) has approved New Hampshire’s state plan to comply with the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Each state must submit a plan to outline how it will comply with the federal law, including accountability and testing, reporting, and program administration.

When submitting its state plan, New Hampshire Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut highlighted our state’s dedication to workforce goals, college and career readiness, and alternative pathways:

  • Aligning its state education goals to state workforce goals such that 65 percent of all residents ages 25-64 will attain a postsecondary degree or work-based credential by 2025.
  • Creating college and career readiness indicators for high school recognizing multiple pathways for students, including measuring dual enrollment, performance on national assessments that exceeds a college-ready benchmark, and earning industry recognized credentials, among others.

“I am excited about the approach we have taken in developing our ESSA Consolidated State Plan. This plan includes the excellent work done in our schools, as well as engaging a broad range of community stakeholders in the success of our students,” said New Hampshire Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut. “We have made a major shift to emphasize growth as a foundational measure. We have also incorporated a broad range of success measures that reflect and respect that students may have different paths toward successful careers.”

Source: Secretary DeVos Approves Six ESSA State Plans | United States Department of Education