NH Department of Education welcomes a new Cultural and Linguistic Competence Coordinator

From the NH Department of Education

Image courtesy of the NH DOE

The New Hampshire Department of Education has welcomed Bhagirath Khatiwada as their new Cultural and Linguistic Competence Coordinator, according to the Department’s website: 

The NH Department of Education welcomes Bhagirath Khatiwada as Cultural and Linguistic Competence Coordinator.

Bhagirath, who himself immigrated to New Hampshire in 2008 from Bhutan will work with the Department of Education as well as with school leadership and teachers to help engage all students as well as vulnerable populations, including children of new Americans, to integrate into their local school class surroundings.

“I am so excited to have Bhagirath join our team,” stated NH Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut. “We know that successful integration into the American and New Hampshire cultures will help these students succeed in their education. And, that a good education will help them become successful and productive citizens.”

Bhagirath stated, “My goals are to make sure our services are culturally and linguistically competent, support school leadership to advance and sustain cultural and linguistic competence, help students, parents and teachers break the socio-economic barriers, if they have any, and help students succeed in their academic careers.”

His role will be critical in creating structural support and alignment for educators which will in turn facilitate personalized pathways to help children have productive learning environments and future career capability.

Source: New Hampshire Department of Education Welcomes Cultural and Linguistic Competency Coordinator | NH DOE