Vargas, school board to renew Manchester redistricting talks

From the Union Leader

Image courtesy of NHPR

According to the Union Leader, Manchester Superintendent Dr. Bolgen Vargas will open a discussion with the school board on redistricting early next year:

“‘There has been more than 10 years of discussion,’ said Vargas. ‘It is time to put it to rest.’

Last April school board members voted to approve a new school feeder plan, referred to at the time as “phase one” of a school redistricting effort.

The proposal — brought forth by Vargas — is currently in effect across the district. Under the plan:

• Students at Parker Varney, Northwest and Gossler schools go to Middle School at Parkside and then Manchester High School West;

• Students at Smyth, Webster, McDonough and Wilson attend Hillside Middle School and on to Manchester High School Central;

• Hallsville, Jewett, Highland Goffe’s Falls and Bakersville students go on to Southside Middle School and then to Manchester Memorial High School;

• Green Acres and Weston students attend McLaughlin Middle School and Memorial High School.

Vargas said on Monday he hopes to bring forth the results of a district-wide facilities study — showing exactly how space is utilized and available in each classroom in each school — in time for the first or second meeting of the school board in January. He also plans on producing a timeline of sorts, laying out when a so-called ‘phase 2’ of redistricting would be ready to present to the public for feedback and tweaking before going to the full board for a possible vote next spring.”

Source: Vargas, school board to renew Manchester redistricting talks | Union Leader