Governor Sununu applauds House Education Committee’s recommendation to pass voucher bill

Governor Sununu released a statement on Tuesday following the House Education Committee’s recommendation to pass SB 193, the bill that would create a voucher program in New Hampshire:

“Last week we heard from families like the Encarnacion’s, who discussed the life-changing opportunities that education freedom allows. Today, the legislature listened. New Hampshire has signaled to families that we are focused on the kids. This is the first step in ensuring that New Hampshire’s education system continues to be on the forefront of innovation, giving parents and children the ability to choose the education path that is best suited for them, closing the opportunity gap and opening pathways like never before, regardless of economic status. Politics were put aside today, and I applaud the House Education Committee for reaching a bipartisan compromise that puts New Hampshire families first. We will continue to champion this groundbreaking legislation and will work with other members of the legislature as this bill moves through the process.”

Source: Governor Sununu’s Statement on SB 193