Manchester school district wins $300k Barr grant to redevelop West High School

Image courtesy of NHPR

The Manchester School District was awarded a $300,000 grant from the Barr Grant Foundation to redevelop a public high school. Manchester will use the money to rebuild the city’s West High School, according to the Union Leader:

Last week, school officials learned they were one of eight planning and design phase grantees, representing 11 high schools across New England. All of the grantees “are committed to redesigning their high school model to meet the identified needs of their students and communities,” Curtin said.

“They also have a vision for a public high school model that utilizes evidence-based strategies and practices to provide students with credit-bearing learning opportunities in the wider learning ecosystem that includes the myriad educational, business, and non-profit organizations within the surrounding communities,” Curtin said in a statement. “Rather than peripheral programs, these learning experiences in the ecosystem will be central components of the schools’ programs of study.”

“We are committed to redesign the West High School model to meet the needs of our students with the support and meaningful engagement of the entire community,” wrote Supt. of Schools Dr. Bolgen Vargas in an email announcing the grant.

“New England has done a good job for many students, but we believe we can do a great job for all,” Curtin said in a statement. “Innovative high school models that are responsive to students’ interests and needs, as well as the expectations of the world beyond the school walls, can help all students navigate a path to post-secondary success. These models can address readiness gaps and promote successful post-secondary transitions.”

Source: Manchester school district wins $300k Barr grant; money to be used to redevelop West High | Union Leader