CHS English teacher is 2018 N.H. Teacher of the Year

Image courtesy of the Concord School District

Concord High School English teacher Heidi Crumrine was named New Hampshire’s 2017 Teacher of the Year, reported the Concord Monitor. Here’s an excerpt:

“Concord I’ve always described as a big district but also with a big heart. And we’re a very close-knit community. And it just seems that we’re always willing to do what’s best for students, and sometimes that means trying new things that might feel uncomfortable or different,” she said.

Crumrine was chosen for her dedication to teaching every type of learner, the Department of Education said in a statement.

“Heidi has invested herself in creating an environment in which students are known and valued,” Concord High principal Tom Sica wrote in his recommendation. “Consistently, she works to develop and implement lessons that engage students and challenge them to think critically.”

Many of her ninth-grade students on Tuesday echoed these themes, praising their teacher for being demanding – but also accommodating.

Teylor Greene said her teacher was fun and helped individual students when they struggled. Greene’s friend, Aakriti Bhattarai, said Crumrine “pushes us to do our best.”

Greene and Bhattarai’s classmate Alice Richards added: “She’s really good at explaining topics, and if you’re confused or you want to do something in a different way – and it’s not changing from the curriculum – she can explain and help you decide what to do.”

Congratulations, Ms. Crumrine!

Source: CHS English teacher is 2018 N.H. Teacher of the Year | Concord Monitor