UL: Councilors feign outrage

The Union Leader featured this editorial in response to a letter from Executive Councilors Andru Volinsky (District 2) and Chris Pappas (District 4):

Why are Andru Volinsky and Chris Pappas really upset?

The two Democratic executive councilors write today that Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut is being too political. They don’t like that Edelblut has spoken to a handful of local Republican committees, and will address a conservative conference hosted by former House Speaker Bill O’Brien next month.

But their real objection is that Edelblut supports school choice. Edelblut’s advocacy for giving parents greater control over their children’s education is why Gov. Chris Sununu nominated Edelblut to the post, and why Volinsky and Pappas voted against him.

In claiming that New Hampshire commissioners have been steadfastly apolitical, Volinsky and Pappas are making up history.

Do they really not know the political leanings of Commissioners Charlie Arlinghaus or Ken Merrifield, both of whom have been active in state politics for decades?

Did Democratic political veterans Jim Craig and Mike Vlacich stop being Democrats when they were sworn in?

Edelblut should not use his office for partisan politics, and he hasn’t. But he is free to accept speaking invitations and to talk to people about education policy.

Ironically, Volinsky and Pappas are parroting a worn complaint from Granite State Progress, a left-wing group opposed to all forms of education innovation. Their feigned outrage about extreme agendas is tiresome.

Source: Edelmania: Councilors feign outrage | Union Leader