N.H. Legislature Approves Kindergarten Funding, Keno

Photo credit: Rawstory.com

The House and Senate approved additional funding for full-day kindergarten through revenues generated by the online lottery game Keno, reported The Valley News:

Under the bill approved by the House and Senate, the state will provide $1,100 per full-day kindergarten student to start, and more if keno revenues exceed expectations. The decision to allow keno, which often is played in bars and restaurants, would be up to each community.

The vote was 251-211 in the House and 15-8 in the Senate; neither vote was along party lines. Most of the debate came in the latter chamber where even supporters said they struggled with their vote.

“I don’t feel like at end of day I’ll feel good no matter how I vote,” said Sen. Donna Soucy, of Manchester, one of three Democrats who backed the bill.

In the House, Rep. Kevin Verville described the bill as “throwing money at a feel-good project,” and predicted it would lead to more problem gamblers, not more full-day kindergarten programs.

Source: N.H. Legislature Approves Kindergarten Funding, Keno | Valley News