Kindergarten funding decision delayed until Thursday

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According to the Concord Monitor, the House and Senate are working on a compromise for SB 191, funding full-day kindergarten. The Committee of Conference is expected to settle an agreement at their meeting on Thursday, June 15:

At issue is how much Senate Bill 191 would give in additional state aid to districts who offer full-day kindergarten. Earlier this month, the House voted on a version of the bill that gives districts $1,100 per student, and that ties the proposal to establishing a keno gambling program to pay for it.

The Senate has historically rejected attempts to pass keno. Democratic senators are hoping to convince House lawmakers to accept upping the per-pupil expenditure to $1,800 in exchange for support on keno.

The original bill would have funded full-day kindergarten programs at 100% of state adequacy (programs currently receive 50% of the state funding, whether they offer half- or full-day programs). It has been revised several times, most recently to legalize the Keno lottery game to pay for additional funding.
Source: N.H. lawmakers defer kindergarten funding decision | Concord Monitor