Trading Kindergarten for Votes: UL Editorial Board

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The Union Leader Editorial Board featured an editorial on the budget negotiations, including debates over funding for full-day kindergarten. Here’s an excerpt:

Legislative leadership should use the debate over kindergarten to prompt one side or the other into action. Kindergarten is in a separate bill, but could be part of a broader agreement.

Tell Democrats that if they want to send more state money to cities and towns for full-day kindergarten, they need to support the overall budget.

Tell Republicans that if they vote yes, the increased kindergarten aid will be cut. This would be a disappointment to Gov. Chris Sununu, who strongly supports full-day kindergarten aid, but a small price to pay for getting a budget to his desk.

We would prefer the second option, but Democrats could easily thwart our wishes, simply by ending their shallow obstructionism.

If Democrats are unwilling to use their leverage to pass full-day kindergarten aid, they would reveal how little they actually cared about the issue.

Source: Budget bargain? Trading kindergarten for votes | Union Leader