Public schools work with local universities to implement NGSS strategies into existing curriculum

Seattle and Renton Public Schools are partnering with the University of Washington to implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into their existing curriculum and create meaningful, engaging learning experiences for students. Here, UW researchers talk about the partnership:

“We’ve seen curriculum designs where a team of fifth-grade teachers are thinking through how to engage kids in engineering design activities as part of a science experiment… to see teachers engaging kids in these powerful learning experiences and seeing how they can push their own practice after 10-15 years in the classroom is awesome…

“What’s exciting is that we’re starting to see things shifting, seeing teachers take up new ways of engaging their students, and the long-term goal for me is to really think about how to let these ideas and tools travel [from classroom to classroom]… to build capacity, and to create engaging and exciting learning experiences for all learners.” -Phillip Bell, Professor of Learning Sciences and Human Development, University of Washington

Read more about the partnership here.