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Student representatives join debate on Claremont’s school policy on electronic devices

Students are playing an active role in school policy at Stevens High School in Claremont. Two students who joined the school board earlier this...

Student Voice Summit brought together over 100 students and educators

Incorporating student voice has been on the radar of many New Hampshire schools over the past few years in an effort to improve school culture and...

Student roles in cultivating school culture

Michael Niehoff, an educator who has taught student leadership for the past 20 years, shares his experience in having students take active roles in...
childhood adversity

Creating a positive classroom environment for students living with adversity

Nearly one in two children have experienced serious adversity such as abuse, neglect, the loss of a parent, or mental illness. Here are five...

Should student voice inform professional development?

Can educators design more meaningful professional development if they allow student voice to drive the conversation? According to professional development facilitator Michelle Blanchet, the...

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