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Social and Emotional Learning at home and in the classroom

Teaching children how to recognize and understand their emotions, make decisions, and maintain relationships has immediate and lasting impacts on their mental health, academic...

Family, school, and community engagement can foster social-emotional skills in students

Social and emotional learning (SEL) enhances students' ability to succeed in school, career, and life. SEL has been shown to increase academic achievement scores...
educating the whole child

How and why educators can teach the whole child through social-emotional skill building

We need to educate the whole child, by teaching skills for an effective life, according to educator Trish Shaffer. Social-emotional skills, like awareness of self...
hiring job skills emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence among top skills employers are seeking

Companies are frequently citing emotional intelligence as one of the top characteristics they are looking for in prospective employees. In fact, a 2011 survey...

Budget cuts in Claremont could put many students at risk

Crisis Counselor, Ashley Miller, serves as a lifeline for students at Stevens High School in Claremont, NH. She supports and educates those experiencing anxiety,...

Active self-reflection promotes meaningful learning

What is active self-reflection? Self-reflection is the process of examining, linking, and developing meaning from our experiences to gain understanding of ourselves and the world around...

Strategies to help anxious and defiant students

Anxiety can be a massive roadblock for all types of learners. The moment anxiety hits and the body is flooded with cortisol, students' brains shut down:...

Pittsfield’s alternative discipline program gains national attention

Pittsfield's restorative justice program teaches students the meaning of conflict resolution, while teaching them empathy and holding them accountable to their peers.

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