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School Culture Improvement Leads to Better Academic Outcomes

Defining school culture, sometimes called school climate, can be difficult, but creating a positive learning atmosphere for students can help improve their confidence, and...

Studies underscore the importance of keeping parents informed of student performance

Informing parents about their child's attendance, grades, and class assignments can have a big impact on student achievement, according to recent studies from Colombia...

Sen. Feltes: Full day kindergarten "essential to closing the opportunity gap"

Senator Dan Feltes, cosponsor of HB 1563 that funds full-day kindergarten, talks to the Monitor about the importance of early childhood education.

When it comes to student achievement, demographics need not be destiny

The Union Leader's David Solomon has done a major two-part followup, the most extensive reporting done to date, on the annual Smarter Balanced Assessment...

Personalized learning works! New research shows that student-centered approaches lead to higher math and...

Results from a study performed by the RAND Corporation find that personalized learning practices like project-based learning have positive and lasting effects on students' reading and math performance.

More NH graduates meet ACT College and Career Readiness Benchmarks

The results are in, and more New Hampshire students are meeting the ACT's College and Career Ready Benchmarks than in the past five years.  According...

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