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What do our students need to succeed in the world of work?

How can we prepare our children for life after graduation? What skills are the most important, and how can we foster them in students?...

Ask why: A four part series exploring traditional practices in education

We all make assumptions about the way learning in school is organized. When we pause to ask why, we can learn from students and...
new york consortium performance-based assessments

New York’s performance-based assessments result in substantial student growth & improved outcomes

A Consortium of public schools in New York has been a model of school improvement and student achievement through performance-based assessments and student-centered learning....

When students are accountable for their learning, they’re more engaged and satisfied with school

The Notebook, a news service for Philadelphia's public schools, featured an excellent primer on project-based learning and assessment--two important pieces of the student-centered learning...

Personalized learning works! New research shows that student-centered approaches lead to higher math and...

Results from a study performed by the RAND Corporation find that personalized learning practices like project-based learning have positive and lasting effects on students' reading and math performance.

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