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Another View: The ABC’s of passing SB 191

Senator David Watters, the prime sponsor of SB 191, submitted a piece to Foster's Daily Democrat about his bill to fund full-day kindergarten. Though...

Betting that Keno funding will live up to expectations

This session, lawmakers voted to provide additional funding for full-day kindergarten programs, but the amount will be determined by how much money is brought...

CM Editorial: Kindergarten and keno don’t mix

The Concord Monitor Editorial Board featured this piece on the "Keno-garten" bill, which would provide additional funding for full-day kindergarten programs with revenue generated...

Our Turn: The Republican gamble with our kids’ futures

Senators David Watters (District 4) and Dan Feltes (District 15) and Executive Councilor Andru Volinksy submitted this piece to the Concord Monitor on SB...

Keno-garten bill finalized, but without bipartisan support

According to NHPR, the agreement reached by a committee of House and Senate members to tie kindergarten funding to the online lottery game Keno...

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