Student Members on School Boards: A Toolkit for Schools and Districts

Beginning in January 2023, every school board in New Hampshire must have at least one student member from each of the high schools maintained by the district. This requirement is a critical step to ensuring that students have authentic, meaningful, and direct input in the decisions that will affect their future. This toolkit is designed to inform the New Hampshire public about the state’s new student representation requirement and provide resources and recommendations for elevating student voice in school and district governance. It is intended for student board members, school boards, administrators, superintendents, educators at all levels, students, and community members.

why have a student board member?

Student membership on school boards is fundamentally democratic and can be a learning experience for everyone involved.

promoting diversity and inclusion

A student school board member can help ensure youth voices are represented, especially when adults take steps to promote authentic and meaningful engagement.

policy and practice

Student board members have most of the same rights and responsibilities as adult board members.

Preparing for a Student Board Member

A guide to complying with the new student school board member law, with special sections for each group involved.

Taking Student Voice Further

Having a student on the school board is an important step in giving students a say in decision making. Here are some ideas for further amplifying student voice.


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